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Korea Aerospace University offers on-campus dormitories for ISP participants, located within a 5-minute walk from the classrooms. 
Each student is paired with a roommate, and the rooms come fully furnished with beds, closets, and desks. 
Please be aware that the housing fee does not cover meals. 
However, students have the option to dine at on-campus student cafeterias or explore nearby off-campus restaurants. 
In cases of unavailability, students are responsible for securing their accommodation independently.


​※ In 2024, the ISP at KAU will not have dormitory accommodations available due to internal conditions.​


  • Service Items:  TV, Induction cooktop, Microwave, Drum washing machine, Shower booth, Hair dryer, Towel, Soap, Shampoo,

        Body wash, Air conditioning/heating control, Wi-Fi, Coffee pot, Refrigerator


Korea Aerospace University prioritizes the health and well-being of its students and acknowledges the importance of maintaining good health for a successful summer experience. As such, we strongly advise students to enroll in appropriate insurance coverage to ensure their safety and security during their time with us.

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