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Korea Aerospace University provides on-campus dormitory for ISP participants which are conveniently located within 5 minute from the classrooms. Based on “first come, first serve” student will be assigned to housing. All students share a room with a roommate and each room is furnished with beds, closets, and desks. Please note that the housing fee does not include meals. Students can have meals at student cafeterias on campus or at nearby restaurants off campus. Students should find their accommodation independently when there's no availability.


Future ISP Students from visa waiver countries can enter Korea without a visa as long as they stay in Korea no more than 90 days. However, if students want to stay more than 90 days, they should apply for a suitable visa. Please refer to the following website to find out whether your country is under Designated Visa-Free Entry countries or Visa Waiver Agreements with Korea.


  • Designated Visa-Free Entry Countries (Click Here)

  • Countries under Visa Waiver Agreement  (Click Here)


If students are not coming from one of Visa Waiver and Designated Visa-Free countries, they should apply for a D-2-8 (Short-term study) visa to join our program. Click here to learn more about D-2-8 Visa. 


Korea Aerospace University CARES about the health and well-being of students and recognizes that staying in healthy is vital to a successful summer experience. KAU provides health insurance to all international students enrolled in the ISP. The Health Insurance provided by KAU will cover accidents or diseases from June 29th till July 28th, 2017. Students coming earlier or leaving later than the program must have their own travel insurance.


KAU sponsors an opportunity for international students to live and work at Korean Air. 

Internship Period  Two weeks after completion of program (July 22 ~ Aug 2, 2019)

Who Can Apply    Students enrolled in ISP

How To Apply       Future candidates should send their resume and personal statement to

                             There will be personal interview.

Application Deadline    June 15, 2019

Department(s)      Department of Maintenance (Click Here), Department of Flight Operation (Click Here)

This is unpaid internship. Due to the highly competitive nature of the program, not all ISP applicants will be guaranteed a position. Nominees will be announced in the middle of the program. 

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