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Established in 2009, KAU ISP has proudly welcomed over 1000 students from across the globe, fostering a legacy of academic excellence and cultural exchange. 
As the most prestigious University in the Aerospace and Aviation field in Korea, KAU offers a fulfilling journey that goes beyond academic achievement. 
Our program promises not only intellectual enrichment but also a unique and memorable exploration of Korean culture.
With anticipation and excitment, Our team awaits your participation. 
Prepare to ascend to new heights with us!

Dean of Office of International Affairs, 
Korea Aerospace University

Song Woon Kyung


Korea Aerospace University


Founded in 1952 as a national university, Korea Aerospace University (KAU) has been Korea’s one and only educational and research institution in the area of aviation and aerospace. It has been KAU’s duty to foster highly skilled experts in aerospace fields. KAU graduates and alumni currently account for the biggest portion of active pilots and air traffic controllers in Korea.

KAU continues to innovate the framework and research in line with the transformations in the future. Through our founding principle that fosters pioneering spirit KAU will lead the world as we overcome boundaries and create new paths.

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International Summer Program 


We appreciate your interest in joining Korea Aerospace University (KAU) for your summer studies this year! Our exclusive summer program has welcomed over 1,000 students from both international and Korean backgrounds. This special program offers students a distinctive blend of academic learning, creative enrichment, and thrilling adventures, providing a unique opportunity for personal and intellectual growth.

We are proud of the very high level of student satisfaction achieved in the past, and we work hard to ensure your experience is exciting, fun and memorable. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to meet you and embark on this enriching journey together!

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